Post-Natal Massage
 Our signature Authentic Javanese Massage services will help new mothers to reduce water retention and eliminate excess fat in their bodies. It is incorporated with the “Benkung Wrap” therapy which serves to tone and firm their flabby abdomens. The therapy includes the use of a special concoction blend of essential oils.

•    Traditional Javanese Postnatal Massage Services (With Wraps)

•    Speed up the recovery process from surgery and remove ‘wind’ in the body
•    Increase blood circulation and reduce stress on the heart which keep blood
     pressure in check
•    Remove waste products through the lymphatic and circulatory system which
     combat fatigue
•    Restore body to its pre-pregnancy condition
•    Relax and calm body nervous system
•    Relieve emotional and physical stress resulted from insufficient sleep
•    Ease muscle aches
•    Manual Lymphatic Postnatal Massage Services (Recommended for mothers
     who have undergone cesarean delivery)